ShortCut Club

About ShortCut Club

ShortCut Club is Maia and Warren

Maia is a freelance director and editor. She has over 15 years of experience, directing live music sessions, music promos and digital content. She has also cut everything from broadcast to digital advertising to corporate work and branded content.

Warren is a freelance camera operator and DP. He started as a camera trainee, then clapper loader and focus puller and in that time has worked on everything from features and drama to commercials and short films.

Maia and Warren have combined their experience of corporate work, art house projects, commercials, music promos, dramas, digital advertising, branded content, charity work, broadcast TV and feature films to form ShortCut Club.


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Recent Work

Client : AMV BBDO, Editor

Client : The Distillery London/Dogs Trust, Editor

Client : The Distillery London/Google, Editor

Client: Fold 7, Editor

Client: BMB, Online Editor

Client, Saatchi & Saatchi, Editor

Client : MTV, Editor

Client : Fracture Clinic/SEAT, Camera Operator

Client : Comic Relief, Editor

Client : BBC, Camera Operator

Client : MTV, Director/Editor

Client : Captured Tracks, DP/Director/Editor

Client : AMV BBDO, Editor

Client : MTV, DP/Director/Editor

Client : The Distillery London, DP

Client: BMB, online editor